About Us

Touch the untouched, reach the unreached. 


The Manna House of Prayer is a facility located in the middle of the Red Light District in Mumbai, India. We are dedicated to loving the Lord and loving the lost by praying for and building relationships with the local women trapped in prostitution. Our vision for the area is to rebuild this “red light” district into one of white lights– a place of hope & freedom in the name of Jesus Christ.

Since 2008 we have opened the doors of the Manna House as a place of refuge for women and children to come fellowship with us, receive prayer, learn basic English and Bible lessons, and enjoy free meals. We play & pray, we sing & feast!

Our newest project is to reach, teach, train, and release the women we now know as friends. Many of the women are uneducated and fear they have no skills to support themselves outside of prostitution– so our goal is to equip them with the materials and skills needed to make purses & jewelry to sell as a new source of income. Our hope is that their time in the brothels will decrease as their time at Manna House increases, learning the techniques of their new trades, basic English, and the power of prayer.

We’d be honored to partner with you in bringing white lights to this red light district. First, we ask for your prayer for this ministry! And now, we ask that you consider supporting a woman by purchasing a purse or a pair of earrings that she has made in her fight to create a new life for herself. Lastly, we ask that you speak up! Use your voice on behalf of the girls who have been silenced (Proverbs 31:8).